If you’re looking for a watch strap that will truly stand out, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Black Badger Straps.


Black Badger Straps (BBS) is the brainchild of Sweden-based James Thompson, better known as the Black Badger, a talented industrial designer specializing in creating jewelry and other items using advanced composites like carbon fiber and Corian, and Gary Pemberthy, the man behind watchobsession.co.uk who has been providing straps and other watch-related accessories for some time now. BBS aims to create original watch straps using Black Badger’s unique touch of original materials and Gary’s expertise on aftermarket leather straps.

The first fruit of this venture is the aptly named “Neolithic” strap. The one I’m reviewing is specifically made for SevenFriday, hence BBSVS7F. Do note however that the strap is available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different watch cases.


The Neolithic strap is made of distressed cow leather, giving at instantly aged and worn look. However, instead of just creases and an overall softer feel as you’d find in most distressed straps, the Neolithic gives the impression that you’ve worn it for years, through rain and snow (any maybe even a lightning strike or two!).



Despite the appearance, the thick strap actually has that stiff feel most new straps do. After a few days on the wrist however, it begins to soften up and curve perfectly around the wrist; including my not-so-neolithic puny 6.6” wrist.



The highlight of the strap for me is the unique keeper. I guarantee that you won’t find another strap out there with such an original element. Instead of the traditional leather keeper (which by the way comes with the strap as an extra you can swap) BBS have opted for a solid piece of smoothed Sandstone Corian (a polymer manufactured by DuPont), one of the Black Badger’s favorite materials.  The keeper gives the impression of having a solid chunk of granite on your wrist- very Neolithic indeed.



No details were overlooked here, especially not the buckle. The BBS signed tang buckle is made of stainless steel with a Cerakote surface treatment, the hardest coating around. The buckle is finished in a Desert Sand color to really bringing out the tones of the strap and keeper.


And of course I couldn’t resist snapping one with my other Black Badger Creation, the Eclipse ring in carbon fiber and “Moonglow”.


The Neolithic strap by Black Badger Straps is a truly unique offering in the world of aftermarket straps. In my case, I was looking for something to make my SevenFriday P2 “pop” a bit more, and the Neolithic does the job and then some.  For a first attempt, I believe BBS hit a homerun. I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next!


For more information visit www.blackbadgerstraps.com

Orders can be made exclusively at  www.watchobsession.co.uk