If you’re as crazy about Damascus Steel blades as I am, this post is for you. Meet GoS, a Swedish watch brand exclusively making Damascus steel watches.


I’ve often wondered why Damascus steel was rarely ever seen in watchmaking. Not only does the alloy look distinct with its alternating folded “waves”, it’s also traditionally harder than regular stainless steel. Plus, how cool is it to have a watch made of the same kind of metal swordsmen used centuries ago?

It took the alliance of two Swedes from vastly different backgrounds to make this fantasy come to life. While strolling through the independant brands’ pavilion between appointments at Baselworld, I stumbled upon the GoS watches stand and was greeted by both Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjögren. Johan Gustafsson is a world-renowned bladsmith, making some of the most breathtaking and unique knives and blades you will ever see. He is best known for his impossibly difficult mosaic and patterned Damascus blades and their vibrant colors.


Patrik Sjögren, the second half of the brand, is a graduate of the Swedish watchmaker school that has attained both Swedish and Swiss Wostep watchmaker certificates. Patrik also has a Master´s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, give him the right toolset (no pun intended) to design and finish the watch components.


Damascus or “wootz” steel was first developed in India around 300 BC and later adopted in other parts of Southern Asia and the Middle East as a tougher and sharper alternative to traditional steel blades. While the original methods and “recipes” are long forgotten, bladesmiths from all over the world attempt to reinvent this forging technique. But as any seasoned knife collector can tell you however, master bladesmith Johan Gustafsson is in a league of his own.

Johan uses Swedish tool-grade steel, reputed for its superior anti-corrosion qualities when forged into Damascus steel. The watch cases are stainless, meaning they won’t corrode or discolor over time. The interior components such as the dial and movement plates are given surface treatments such as polishing, etching and tempered coloring or “bluing” that not only add to their beauty, but also serve as corrosion seals.


The dials come in a variety of mesmerizing colors, all inspired by the Scandinavian landscape. This is from part of the GoS Nordic Seasons collection, comprised of 5 examples for each season. The Winter edition comes with an ice-blue dial in an explosion pattern, which changes dramatically in tone and intensity depending on the lighting and viewing angle.



A dial from the Summer edition with red and green hues in a wildflower pattern. gustaffson-sjögren-gos-3

The PuristPro Winter Nights in monochrome steel tone with gold hands and marker ring. This is the first GoS watch to use their first proprietary movement, made in collaboration with the esteemed Martin Braun. Aside from the obvious Damascus Steel 4/5 bridge, the caliber also boasts a silicon escape wheel and anchor.

gustaffson-sjögren-gos-6 gustaffson-sjögren-gos-8

What’s remarkable about a Damascus steel watch is that every piece will be a unique piece, as the exact same pattern can never be reproduced. With GoS you really feel that hand-made quality and I believe, knife lover or not, you can’t help but admire the intricacies and beauty of Damascus steel.


A big thank you to Patrik Sjögren for taking the time to show me these exceptional watches.
More info at www.goswatches.com