Meet the Octopus, RJ Romain Jerome’s latest escapade into the depths of the ocean.

The Octopus collection is an extension of the brand’s most emblematic line, the “Titanic DNA” and marks the first time RJ Romain Jerome have created an actual dive watch. Having only briefly seen this new collection at Baselworld without a chance to properly photograph it, I recently asked RJ Romain Jerome if they would be so kind as to lend me a piece or two for a photo-shoot I thought would be fun. RJ were happy to oblige and provided me with functioning prototypes of all 3 variations of the Octopus for a few days.


There are three different color variations of the Octopus: a black PVD coated steel “Black Octopus”, its red gold accented sister the “Red Octopus”, and the untreated stainless steel “Metal Octopus”. And while all 3 share the same technical specifics, each carries a totally different character.


The case is surprisingly smaller than what you’d expect from a RJ dive watch, with a diameter of 46mm vs. the more common 50mm on the majority of other Titanic-infused pieces like my own Steampunk Chrono. The first thing I noticed was how subtle the rusted (but stabilized) Titanic steel bezel was compared to other pieces from the line. With its mix of satin-brushed surfaces and polished edges as well as the octagonal screw elements throughout the case, the Octopus retains that bold steampunk look from other Titanic pieces. And for the first time on a RJ piece (at least that I know of), a thick domed crystal is used giving that “bubble” effect when looked at from an angle, as you might find on vintage dive watches.




The Octopus is fitted with two crowns at opposite sides of the watch. Interestingly, the crown to set the time is placed at 9 o’clock, leaving the more easily accessible 3 o’clock crown for manipulating the inner glass rotating bezel. This symmetrical design also means the Octopus can be worn on the right wrist for left-handers, or “destro” as Paneristis would call it. Each crown is built with eight PVD steel or red gold bars (like the 8 tentacles of an octopus) and is engraved with the RJ logo at 9 o’clock and an octopus at 3 o’clock.



Like all of RJ’s dials, the Octopus is all about depth. At the highest point you have the inner rotating 60-minute glass bezel, with 5-minute markings and bar indexes in white. The dial itself is either black or silver vertically satin-brushed steel, with the brand’s signature “X” applied on top. The RJ logo is done in applied vertically brushed metal. Surrounding the dial is a raised metallic hour marker ring done in the same color as the RJ logo, finished in a circular brushing. The contrast of metal brushed in different directions and the absence of reflective polished surfaces really gives the dial a “raw” look I find quite appealing for this style of watch.


The skeleton arrow-shaped hands are painted in white Super-Luminova at the tips for increased legibility, as are the applied hour markers on the metal ring. The hands and markers glow with a less common blue tint, which I personally always prefer on dive watches from an aesthetical point of view.



The black rubber strap might look relatively subdued from the top, but on the underside you’re given the impression of having an octopus tentacle sticking to your writs with its rows of suction cups. The strap is completed with a polished and satin-brushed tang buckle, which I much prefer than a deployant clasp, especially on a dive watch.



As I said earlier, the case takes on totally different dimensions compared to RJ’s other Titanic pieces. And while I’m certainly not one to shy from larger sized watches, I did find the Octopus a very comfortable wear on my 6.6” wrist. I like the proportions between the slightly thick case with its domed sapphire crystal and the 46mm diameter with its side inserts. Heck, even my wife found the Octopus enjoyable to rock!



The solid case back depicts a laser-engraved octopus, done in bas relief. I’ve been told that the production models will have a more pronounced and three-dimensional effect.


The Octopus collection is limited to 888 pieces in each edition and is water-resistant to 888ft (approximately 270m). I think that this RJ Romain Jerome could be the one for those who find the other Titanic DNA offerings too loud, or simply an additional piece to an existing RJ collection. I certainly wouldn’t mind having one alongside my Steampunk Chrono!

The RJ Romain Jerome Octopus pieces are available at retailers now with a price tag of $14’900 for the Metal and Black Octopus, and $16’100 for the Red Octopus.

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