My head is still buzzing. Last Thursday night in London, I had the pleasure of attending one of the most original and pleasurable watch launch events I’ve ever been to, and trust me, I’ve been to a few in my time.

At The Family Business Tattoo parlour in East London, RJ Romain Jerome and revered tattoo artist (though you wouldn’t guess it if you saw him on the tube) and enthusiastic watch collector Mo Coppoletta unveiled a very special collaborative collection, the Tattoo DNA.



Now I will admit, the world of body art is one I’m not very familiar with in the slightest; perhaps even uncomfortable. When I received my invitation from RJ Romain Jerome, I didn’t quite know what to expect. High-end watches and tattoos don’t make for common bedfellows. But once I arrived, it somehow all came together harmoniously.




RJ Romain Jerome CEO Manuel Emch and Mo Coppoletta:




The watch was first unveiled in a video projection, depicting the tale behind  the watch’s “Sailor’s Grave” tattoo inspiration. Aside from the cool animated graphics and eerie song in the background, it helped fill the crowd in on sailor superstition and what tattoo symbols like the anchor signified. Every RJ Romain Jerome watch comes with a story, and the Sailor’s Grave is perhaps one of my favourites.

I’ll save the actual watch photos and review for an upcoming post, but for now…




And as a parting bonus shot, here’s my friend Anish of being strapped down by Manuel Emch and Eric Giroud as Mo Coppoletta works his magic 😀



A big thank you to the folks at RJ Romain Jerome for letting me be a part of this wild and memorable night.