As you might have seen on my Top 10 Picks from Geneva Watch Week 2015, the URWERK UR-110 Eastwood was one of the most interesting watches I’ve seen in some time, despite the fact that it’s just a cosmetic variation on an existing watch. Tweed, wood and revolving satellites? Yes, please.


While we tend to focus on URWERK’s unique time display systems and futuristic executions, playing with alternative materials is actually nothing new for this independent, avant-garde brand. But where in the past it’s been ultra-hard coatings like TiAIN and Zirconium Nitrite, URWERK have taken an entirely different approach with the UR-110 Eastwood, using a much more organic material for the last serial run of what has always been one of my favorite URWERK models.


With a bezel crafted from metal frame inlaid with a manually carved wood inlay in Makassar Ebony or Red Ebony, the Eastwood is almost a paradox. It’s spaceship cockpit case and revolving satellites time display shouldn’t work with such an earthy material, yet some how it does so exceedingly well.



URWERK UR-110 Eastwood-tweed




URWERK UR-110 Eastwood-red-ebony-bezel

URWERK UR-110 Eastwood-9

URWERK UR-110 Eastwood-13

And if the wooden bezel wasn’t enough, URWERK teamed with renowned British tailor Timothy Everest two create two different tweed straps, giving the watch a quirky yet warm (and dare I say “dapper”) look and feel, perfectly complementing the tone and texture of the ebony wood bezels.


URWERK UR-110 Eastwood-7

My only concern with such “living” materials as wood is their longevity. Yacine of URWERK reassured me however that both species of ebony woods are actually relatively hard and water-resistant, and so wear and tear shouldn’t be a major issue. I didn’t ask regarding flammability.

URWERK UR-110 Eastwood-15

The Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood will be limited to 5 pieces in each of the two woods and will come with two tweed straps as well as a simpler black Kevlar fabric strap for those days you’re not suiting up.

The price is yet to be confirmed, but I imagine it to be around CHF 120’000. In any case, I was told that all 10 pieces are already spoken for; at least on a retailer level.

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