Since Angelus’ resurrection this year with the totally unexpected but fittingly forward-thinking U10 Tourbillon Lumière, I’ve been curious to see what the brand would bring out for their sophomore watch, wondering whether the U10 was just a one-off piece of alternative watchmaking to make a comeback the watch world would take notice of or truly set the tone for Angelus as a progressive brand.

It seems like the big reveal could be coming sooner rather than later, as Angelus has been hinting it by teasing us with weekly close-up shots on their Instagram account. While we still haven’t seen what the actual watch and case look like, the handful of movement photos do reveal a few things:


It won’t be traditional or vintage-inspired

That much is obvious. If you were hoping for a vintage-style chronograph or a remake of the Chronodato, sorry but this won’t be it. Looking at the shapes and finish of the bridges, it looks like Angelus is going for a more contemporary, architectural look here.

ANGELUS-watch-1 ANGELUS-watch-2


It will be a chronograph movement
The column-wheel says it all really.

ANGELUS-watch-7 ANGELUS-watch-8


It will be round

Judging from the curved edges of the bridges and what appears to be a portion of the dial or flange, the dial and movement appear to be round, so I think it’s safe to say the case will be as well.



It will have a tourbillon or carrousel escapement
At least that’s what the images are telling me, which means this will definitely be another complicated, high-end piece from Angelus.

ANGELUS-watch-3 ANGELUS-watch-4
While Angelus haven’t hinted on anything resembling a release date, the teasing can only mean that it’s around the corner…

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