So by now I’m sure you all know just how much of a RJ Romain Jerome fan I am. As an up-and-coming blogger it can be incredibly difficult getting the opportunity to photograph a watch; even here in Switzerland. Most brands just don’t give the time of day.

RJ Romain Jerome on the other hand have always been supportive of online media and are the only brand to let me do just about anything I want with their watches, including photographing them strapped on the tentacles of an octopus.

A watch that I see garnering a lot of positive reactions from friends and fellow collectors is the Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA. I guess with the success of the Pac Man and Space Invaders, RJ Romain Jerome realized that there’s something about playful nostalgia that hits the mark for a younger generation of watch buyers. And what’s more nostalgic for our generation than Back to the Future and the iconic DeLorean Time Machine?


While definitely one of the brand’s more subdued “DNA of Famous Legends” pieces, It’s probably the one with the most tangible features from the legend it’s inspired from. The tail light and rim inspired sub-dials, the upholstery strap, and the brushed grey metal nuances immediately bring back those 80’s vibes.

My original intent was to find an actual DeLorean to photograph the watch with, but since that’s as rare as hen’s teeth in Switzerland, I decided to use the next best prop, and that’s the LEGO Back To the Future themed “DeLorean Time Machine”, complete with Marty McFly and Doc Brown.











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