A few weeks ago I shared with you my experience from the RJ Romain Jerome & Mo Coppoletta “Tattoo DNA” launch event at Mo’s tattoo parlor in London. Today, I’ll take you through the actual watches presented there.


RJ Romain Jerome have chosen the world of body art and specifically, maritime tattoos for their latest capsule collection. For me the event in London was as educational as it was entertaining, as I really didn’t know all that much about tattoos before that. Art can take many forms, and I came out appreciating tattoos one such form.

Maritime tattoos are by far the most popular style of ink. Dating back to the 18th century, sailors would tattoo what they thought were the weaker parts of their body like their arms or heart with symbols that they believed would strengthen them against the elements and ward off evil. It was also a means to mark down major events in their lifetime and honor fellow seamen they had lost.


The dial of the RJ Romain Jerome Tattoo DNA is entirely designed by renowned tattoo artist and watch enthusiast Mo Coppoletta. Drawing on “the sailor’s grave” for inspiration, the dial incorporates several maritime talismans symbols, depicting a ship caught in a violent storm. The polished steel anchor in the center, perhaps the most iconic tattoo symbol signifying strength, stability and hope, is also a link to Mother Earth, who the sailors believed protected them while at sea. Against a slate grey stormy sky, the ship in distress is done in polished black metal, ravaged by the two-layered anthracite waves finished with diagonal brushing that gives “côte de Genève” (French for Geneva waves) a whole new meaning. The rounded dark clouds are finished in matte silver with two luminous lighting bolts strinking out, done in either red or yellow. The various elements give an incredible sense of depth; it’s easy to forget that you’re still looking at a watch.



The 50mm case comes in either stainless steel with PVD elements or full-black PVD. The PVD steel bezel is given an aged, textured look by engraving, similar to that of my Titanic DNA Steampunk Chrono. The solid caseback depicts a laser-engraved tattoo designed by Mo Coppoletta.




The two steel editions come with a tan leather strap, hand tattooed with a unique motif by Mo Coppoletta himself. This is definitely one of the most original straps you’ll ever see, and each strap will be somewhat unique as leather is significantly more difficult to ink than a sailor’s shoulder.




The two PVD editions come on a black fabric strap, which aesthetically works better with the black case or for those who find the tattooed strap a bit much.

While I still can’t ever see myself ever getting tattooed, I do appreciate the RJ Romain Jerome Tattoo DNA because like just about every RJ piece, it comes with a story. Looking at it purely as piece of wearable art that happens to tell the time, It’s quite spectacular. The attention to detail is just top-notch. on the wrist, it might wear a little larger than what you’re used to, but it’s a manageable kind of big.



The price of the Romain Jerome Tattoo DNA in either version is $18’450, and as limited to 25 pieces in each of the 4 variations (steel with yellow lightning bolts, steel with red bolts, black PVD with yellow bolts and black PVD with red bolts).

More information at www.romainjerome.ch