It was bound to happen, and I’m so glad it did: Here’s the all-new Tudor Black Bay Black.

Tudor Black Bay Black -11Ever since the first images of Tudor’s unique Black Bay One for the Only Watch 2015 charity auction that’s taking place in a few weeks surfaced (you can see my hands-on photos here), many of us have been hoping and praying that Tudor would release something along the same lines for the horophilic masses.

Tudor Black Bay Black -12 Tudor Black Bay Black -3

Yes, this is a third variation of the Black Bay with minor cosmetic variances, the most significant and obvious being the bezel with the coveted red triangle marker.

Tudor-Black-Bay-Black Tudor Black Bay Black -7 Tudor Black Bay Black -2It’s almost silly to think that something as simple as a red triangle could generate this much hype, but when you consider what the Rolex 5510 “Big Crown” represents in the top echelon of vintage divers and how much inspiration the Tudor “Heritage” line draws from it, you could call this the Black Bay that should’ve always been.

Tudor Black Bay Black -1Tudor Black Bay Black -7 Tudor Black Bay Black -15But it’s more than just a new bezel (and by default, matching crown tube). When I put my original burgundy bezel Black Bay, I immediately noticed that the dial of the former is blacker, with a slightly smoother grain. Something about it makes the gilt markings and golden hands and indexes pop that much more.

Tudor Black Bay Black -5Tudor Black Bay Black -4Like the other two Black Bay models, the “Black” comes with the choice of a metal bracelet and distressed black leather strap, as well as an extra fabric strap as pictured here that comes with both variations. The price is $3’425 for the bracelet version and $3’100 for the strap, and should be available at Tudor retailers around the world starting from the 15th of October, though needless to say quantities will be scarce for a while.

Tudor Black Bay Black -13I have to say, I love how Tudor decided to release this before the Only Watch auction. Sure, it might have a negative effect on the hammer price of the unique piece (I don’t believe it will), but at least the future owner won’t feel cheated, and now we all have the opportunity to enjoy what could be regarded as the ultimate Black Bay.

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